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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why a brothel offers free action, how a ketchup bottle QR code tied to porn site ‘Just Divorced' Georgia woman celebrates by decorating truck

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 ‘Just Divorced' Georgia woman celebrates by decorating truck

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga., June 16 (UPI) -- A Georgia woman is celebrating her long-awaited divorce by driving around in a pickup truck emblazoned with the words, "Just Divorced."
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Leona Metcalf of Lawrenceville said her husband of nearly a decade walked out on her five years ago, but her divorce wasn't finalized until late last week. Melcalf affixed cans to her Ford F-150 pickup truck and wrote "Just Divorced" on the windows and tailgate of the vehicle in a reference to the custom of decorating the cars of the newly married. "I'm an independent woman," Metcalf told WAGA-TV. "To me, it's a celebration because it should have been over 5 years ago." "You see people putting 'Just Married' on their cars to celebrate their wedding so I decided, hey, why not put 'Just Divorced' on my truck to celebrate my divorce?" she told The Huffington Post. Metcalf said her truck has earned her a lot of honks of support from other motorists. "I had absolutely no idea it would receive this much positivity and publicity," she said. "I simply thought it was a cute idea. But everywhere I go people tell me they think my positive spirit is awesome and shout things like 'what a cool idea' and 'you go girl!'"

Why police shut down girls' lemonade stand?

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Texas police shut down a lemonade stand run by two young girls simply because they didn't have a permit. Zoey and Andria Green were raising money for a trip to a local water park as a Father's Day gift when the police intervened after only an hour. The stand was forced to close because Texas health guidelines "prohibits the sale of food which requires time or temperature control to prevent spoilage." Police in Overton decided to waive the fine. As a result of the media attention, the family received free tickets from Splash Kingdom as well as Six Flags.The girls intend to reopen the lemonade stand and ask only for donations.All donations received will be given to various charities.


Heinz apologizes for ketchup bottle QR code tied to porn site

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BERLIN, June 17 (UPI) -- A German man who tested out the QR code on a bottle of Heinz ketchup offering a defunct promotion says the code now leads to a porn site. Daniel Korell wrote to the ketchup firm on Facebook, saying the Heinz Hot Ketchup "is probably not for minors" after he scanned the QR code on his bottle expecting to be taken to a label design contest website and was instead taken to a porn site. Korell wrote he tried the code with "several phones" and tried manually entering the web address, but he received the same result each time. Heinz apologized to Korell, saying the company's ownership of the website expired after the 2012-2014 contest came to a close. "Even if the bottle was a leftover, it's still in lots of households," Korell said in a comment. "It's incomprehensible that you didn't reserve the domain for one or two years. A .de domain name really doesn't cost the Earth."


Couple Attacked Neighbor for Calling 911 over loud action

Image result for Couple Attacked Neighbor for Calling 911 over loud actionImage result for Couple Attacked Neighbor for Calling 911 over loud action

JUNE 16--A Tennessee man who dialed 911 to complain about his noisy neighbors--who were engaging in some loud sex--was allegedly assaulted and stabbed by the couple for summoning cops, according to investigators. Mark Galin, 57, twice called police last week to complain about the racket emanating from the apartment of Johnny Allen Richards, 33, and Erin Brooke Lawson, 32. After Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office deputies left the residence in Rogersville for the second time, Richards and Lawson allegedly attacked Galin at his apartment door. As detailed in a police report, Galin told a deputy that Lawson “hit him with a rake and broke the handle.” She then allegedly stabbed him in the arm with the jagged handle. Richards, Galin added, struck him with a “2x2 stick.”


Why a brothel offers free action?

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VIENNA - An Austrian brothel is offering customers free sex in a summer-long protest over what its owner sees as punitive tax payments. “We are not paying taxes any more. Effective immediately: Free Entrance! Free Drinks! Free Sex!" the Pascha establishment in Salzburg posted on its website. A woman who answered the phone there on Sunday said it was no joke.

The Oesterreich newspaper showed a picture of men queued up outside to take advantage of the unusual offer. It quoted owner Hermann Mueller as saying he would compensate from his own pocket the up to 10,000 euros ($11,270) a month that prostitutes working at the club will forego. Mueller, who also operates brothels in four other cities in Germany and Austria, has complained in past media interviews about what he says has been punitive taxation and regulation of his businesses. He said he had paid nearly 5 million euros in taxes in Salzburg alone over the past decade.
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