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Monday, July 13, 2015

Police officer under investigation for reportedly starring in smut movie, Beyoncé inspires world's sexiest building and Man Stole Surgical Table

Top Five World’s Weird, Funny and Sizzling news of this week

Man Stole Operating Room Surgical Table

JULY 13--In a daring daytime heist, a man walked into a Florida hospital and wheeled out a $48,000 operating room table, according to police who Saturday arrested a suspect on burglary and grand theft charges. Investigators allege that Lance Sayre, 52, entered Morton

Top Five World’s Weird, Funny and Sizzling news of this week
Plant Hospital in Clearwater last Sunday afternoon and went to  "the secured area of the Operating Room.”Once inside, Sayre “took custody of a Berchtold Operating Bed valued at $47,945.97” and wheeled it to the hospital’s loading dock, where he loaded the bed into the back of a white van.Cops reported that the defendant was “captured on video.” An arrest affidavit does not indicate whether police recovered the stolen surgical table. Seen above in a mug shot from a prior arrest, Sayre was arrested Saturday, six days after the July 5 operating room incursion at the 687-bed hospital. He was charged with burglary and grand theft, both felonies, and was released from custody after posting $15,000 bond.

Three kids sent to juvie for not having lunch with dad

Judge sends 3 kids to juvie for not having lunch with dad - NY Daily ...

Three young siblings in Michigan have spent the past two weeks in juvenile detention after a judge ordered them held for the summer for defying a court order to have lunch with their father, Detroit media reported on Thursday. The three children, aged 14, 10 and 9, were placed in juvenile detention after a June 24 court hearing in which Oakland County Family Court Judge Lisa Gorcyca ordered them to have a "healthy relationship" with their father, the Detroit Free Press and WJBK-TV reported. According to reports, the children's divorced parents have been fighting for five years over parenting time and visitation. The children live with their mother in affluent Bloomfield Hills, a suburb of Detroit, and their father lives in Israel, media reported. The case earned national attention after it was reported that Gorcyca followed through on previous promises to send the children to a juvenile detention facility if they continued to defy her orders to speak with their father. During the June hearing, Gorcyca told the children's mother she had "brainwashed" them against their father, according to court records first obtained by WJBK-TV.

"Your children - you need to do a research program on Charlie Manson and the cult that he has," the judge said, according to court transcripts cited by the station. The oldest child told the judge that he did not want to spend time with his father because he was violent, the Free Press reported, also citing the court records."I do not apologize for ... not talking to him because I have a reason for that and that's because he's violent ... I saw him hit my mom and I'm not gonna talk to him," it quoted the child as saying. During the court hearing, the judge ordered the children to have lunch with their father in the courthouse cafeteria and they refused, the newspaper said.

Woman learns she was hit with bullet after thinking it was a firecracker

Top Five World’s Weird, Funny and Sizzling news of this week

DELAND, Fla. -- A Florida woman says she was shot in the leg while sitting at a cafe on Independence Day, but she didn't realize it until doctors found the bullet five days later.Heather Charlebois told The Daytona Beach News-Journal that after days of pain from what she initially thought was a firecracker, she went to the hospital. Doctors told her they found a .38-calibre bullet lodged in her leg.Charlebois says she was on the patio of a cafe on Saturday night when she felt a pain in her leg. She checked it out in the bathroom, but there was little blood. Police say there were no reports of gunfire but believe the bullet might have been fired into the air from some distance away.

Beyoncé inspires world's sexiest building

Can a building be called sexy? When it's modelled after Beyonce's booylicious curves, it can! Design firm Elenberg Fraser recently announced they would be constructing a building in Melbourne, Australia inspired by Beyonce and her 'Ghost' music video. The 68-storey Premiere Tower will feature apartments, a hotel and retail space. The Australian building won't be the first inspired by celebrity curves, though. Mississauga, Ont. is home to the Absolute Towers, designed by Chinese firm MAD and nicknamed the 'Marilyn' buildings for their curved shape reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe. We list the world's 10 sexiest buildings in our gallery.

Premiere Tower, Melbourne: Design firm Elenberg Fraser will be constructing a building in Australia inspired by Beyonce and her 'Ghost' music video. The 68-storey Premiere Tower will feature 660 apartments, a hotel and retail space. No completion date for the project has been revealed. ( Fraser/YouTube)

Police officer under investigation for reportedly starring in porn

Top Five World’s Weird, Funny and Sizzling news of this week

A Miami police officer is under investigation on suspicion of appearing in pornographic films before she joined the force, a police spokesman said on Saturday.No action has yet been taken against the officer, identified as Sabine Raymonvil, 30. "We are looking into the allegations," said spokesman Officer Rene Pimentel, adding investigators will see if her suspected actions were improper or illegal. The spokesman did not know whether the suspected conduct would be a violation of department rules. Raymonvil was not immediately available for comment. "I never made porn while I was a police officer," she was quoted as saying by Miami broadcaster Local 10 News. "It's currently under investigation by two police agencies. So I can't say very much."The TV station broadcast on its news program excerpts from films in which she supposedly appeared.



Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why a brothel offers free action, how a ketchup bottle QR code tied to porn site ‘Just Divorced' Georgia woman celebrates by decorating truck

Top 5 Trending Weird, Funny and sizzling news of this week

 ‘Just Divorced' Georgia woman celebrates by decorating truck

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga., June 16 (UPI) -- A Georgia woman is celebrating her long-awaited divorce by driving around in a pickup truck emblazoned with the words, "Just Divorced."
Image result for ‘Just Divorced' Georgia woman celebrates by decorating truck
Leona Metcalf of Lawrenceville said her husband of nearly a decade walked out on her five years ago, but her divorce wasn't finalized until late last week. Melcalf affixed cans to her Ford F-150 pickup truck and wrote "Just Divorced" on the windows and tailgate of the vehicle in a reference to the custom of decorating the cars of the newly married. "I'm an independent woman," Metcalf told WAGA-TV. "To me, it's a celebration because it should have been over 5 years ago." "You see people putting 'Just Married' on their cars to celebrate their wedding so I decided, hey, why not put 'Just Divorced' on my truck to celebrate my divorce?" she told The Huffington Post. Metcalf said her truck has earned her a lot of honks of support from other motorists. "I had absolutely no idea it would receive this much positivity and publicity," she said. "I simply thought it was a cute idea. But everywhere I go people tell me they think my positive spirit is awesome and shout things like 'what a cool idea' and 'you go girl!'"

Why police shut down girls' lemonade stand?

Image result for Why police shut down girls' lemonade stand?

Texas police shut down a lemonade stand run by two young girls simply because they didn't have a permit. Zoey and Andria Green were raising money for a trip to a local water park as a Father's Day gift when the police intervened after only an hour. The stand was forced to close because Texas health guidelines "prohibits the sale of food which requires time or temperature control to prevent spoilage." Police in Overton decided to waive the fine. As a result of the media attention, the family received free tickets from Splash Kingdom as well as Six Flags.The girls intend to reopen the lemonade stand and ask only for donations.All donations received will be given to various charities.


Heinz apologizes for ketchup bottle QR code tied to porn site

Image result for Heinz apologizes for ketchup bottle QR code tied to porn site

BERLIN, June 17 (UPI) -- A German man who tested out the QR code on a bottle of Heinz ketchup offering a defunct promotion says the code now leads to a porn site. Daniel Korell wrote to the ketchup firm on Facebook, saying the Heinz Hot Ketchup "is probably not for minors" after he scanned the QR code on his bottle expecting to be taken to a label design contest website and was instead taken to a porn site. Korell wrote he tried the code with "several phones" and tried manually entering the web address, but he received the same result each time. Heinz apologized to Korell, saying the company's ownership of the website expired after the 2012-2014 contest came to a close. "Even if the bottle was a leftover, it's still in lots of households," Korell said in a comment. "It's incomprehensible that you didn't reserve the domain for one or two years. A .de domain name really doesn't cost the Earth."


Couple Attacked Neighbor for Calling 911 over loud action

Image result for Couple Attacked Neighbor for Calling 911 over loud actionImage result for Couple Attacked Neighbor for Calling 911 over loud action

JUNE 16--A Tennessee man who dialed 911 to complain about his noisy neighbors--who were engaging in some loud sex--was allegedly assaulted and stabbed by the couple for summoning cops, according to investigators. Mark Galin, 57, twice called police last week to complain about the racket emanating from the apartment of Johnny Allen Richards, 33, and Erin Brooke Lawson, 32. After Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office deputies left the residence in Rogersville for the second time, Richards and Lawson allegedly attacked Galin at his apartment door. As detailed in a police report, Galin told a deputy that Lawson “hit him with a rake and broke the handle.” She then allegedly stabbed him in the arm with the jagged handle. Richards, Galin added, struck him with a “2x2 stick.”


Why a brothel offers free action?

Image result for Why a brothel offers free action?

VIENNA - An Austrian brothel is offering customers free sex in a summer-long protest over what its owner sees as punitive tax payments. “We are not paying taxes any more. Effective immediately: Free Entrance! Free Drinks! Free Sex!" the Pascha establishment in Salzburg posted on its website. A woman who answered the phone there on Sunday said it was no joke.

The Oesterreich newspaper showed a picture of men queued up outside to take advantage of the unusual offer. It quoted owner Hermann Mueller as saying he would compensate from his own pocket the up to 10,000 euros ($11,270) a month that prostitutes working at the club will forego. Mueller, who also operates brothels in four other cities in Germany and Austria, has complained in past media interviews about what he says has been punitive taxation and regulation of his businesses. He said he had paid nearly 5 million euros in taxes in Salzburg alone over the past decade.

Friday, June 5, 2015

How a guy broke his private part, erect rider booted from naked bike ride event and Why a Teacher Showed student Boob Job Pix

World's Top Five Weird, Funny and Hot News of current week

Chinese gas station owner buys $136,000 car with coins

A gas station owner in China bought a $136,000 car this week with four tons of rolled coins, local media report. It took 10 staff in Shenyang more than an hour to move the 660,000 yuan
 World's Top Five Weird, Funny and Hot News of current week

— in 1,320 bundles of rolled coins — from a truck into the store, according to Liaoshen Evening News. The buyer, identified by his last name Gan, said he collected the coins from bus drivers who stopped to gas up. "We have been receiving the coins for nearly three months. As our station is in the suburbs, there are very few banks. Thus, we did not deposit and decided to use them to buy a car for our company," he told the broadcaster. He also kicked in 20,000 yuan in bank notes to cover the cost


Hitler's wife's panties apparently for sale

 World's Top Five Weird, Funny and Hot News of current week

French silk panties that may have once belonged to Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler's wife, are for sale at a northern Ohio antique store for US$7,500. The rose-coloured underwear is monogrammed with the initials EB and comes with a certificate of authenticity, according to a Twitter post from a woman who spotted them on display behind a glass case. The underwear was purchased from retired U.S. Air Force major Charles Snyder, 84, who said they were part of a $3-million lot of Nazi memorabilia he bought in the 1990s. The previous owner, first lieutenant D.C. Watt, claimed to have been at Berchtesgaden, the Nazi party's headquarters in the Bavarian Alps, when it was captured by Allied troops, Ernie Scarango, the owner of the antique store Mantique's told The Daily Beast. "I planned on opening the store and I thought it'd be a good conversation piece to have Eva Braun's underwear and make the store a destination of sorts," Scarango said.He calls the lacy underthings, "first rate: the fabric, embroidery and monogramming, the sewing of the button. "The authenticity of the underwear has been questioned.

Erect rider booted from naked bike ride event

 World's Top Five Weird, Funny and Hot News of current week

Both hands on the handlebars buddy. A randy rider in a weekend World Naked Bike Ride was booted from the event for getting a little too enthusiastic. Organizers of the ride in Canterbury, Kent, England, said the man had to be removed for getting aroused before the event started, the Cambridge News reported. “Everyone was taking their clothes off to get ready for the ride. I heard gasps and I turned around - it was a horrible sight," one person told the Cambridge News. "It's fair to say he was overexcited and got aroused. It looked like he was enjoying the event a bit too much ."Some people took to Facebook to complain about the man's ouster, implying organizers were too hard on the guy. "We do not accept this behaviour, and he was dealt with and removed before the ride started," organizer Barry Freeman said.

Why Teacher Showed Pupils Boob Job Pix

 World's Top Five Weird, Funny and Hot News of this week

MAY 29--Police are investigating a Virginia high school teacher who allegedly showed several students before and after photos of her breast enlargement surgery, according to a court filing. Newport News cops began probing Melissa Kidd, 34, in late-March when they were told that a teacher at Woodside High School had showed students “obscene photographs,” according to a May 18 application to search Kidd’s iPhone. The Circuit Court document indicates that Kidd (seen at right) is being investigated for “Indecent Liberties w/ Child by Person in a Supervisory Role. “According to investigators, three students disclosed that Kidd “showed them before and after photographs of her breast augmentation, which displayed her nude and exposed breasts. “The students (two are 18, one is 16) told police that the photos were on Kidd’s iPhone and that she showed the images to them while inside the public school

This guy broke his penis during sex, cowgirl-style. Ouch

 World's Top Five Weird, Funny and Hot News of the Day

*Snap*. That sickening sound was the last thing this man heard before feeling astonishing pain in his nether regions. A fractured penis was was the last thing on Alan Parke’s mind as he enjoed a romp with his 22-year-old girlfriend Clarissa Cairns.But that’s exactly what happened. Ouch. I’ve never known pain like it,’ he told the Irish Mirror, explaining how he ended up leaping around the room in pain after his manhood snapped at his home in County Donegal, Ireland. 'We were just having sex, I was on the bottom and Clarissa was on top,’ he added. 'All of a sudden I heard something snap. I’ve never known pain like it. It was absolutely excruciating.’

Surprisingly the penis snap wasn’t the worst part. The humiliation of having to sit in a hospital with a cast on his penis while being mocked by fellow patients ranks as an experience almost as painful.Parke had to spend two months in bed following an operation but is now back on his feet and everything seems to be in working order.‘It was a while before he could even play with himself again he was in that much pain,’ girlfriend Clarissa added.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why Man 'sneaks into women's loos to eat FAECES, an orgasm a day lowering their risk of prostate cancer and 'wife wanted' ad on pickup

Top 5 Trending Weird, Funny and sizzling news of this week


RCMP pull over golf cart, suspend man's driver's licence

his ten years as an RCMP officer, Cpl. John Spaans has never had to pull over a golf cart - until a man was busted driving his golf cart down a roadway after having a few brews

Image result for RCMP pull over golf cart, suspend man's driver's licenceSaturday night just outside the Town of Boyle. “I know people like to go out, play some golf, and have a few beers or whatever, but they need to do so responsibly,” said Spaans, adding that while the incident did give officers a good chuckle, it was incredibly irresponsible. According to RCMP, a patrol car saw a golf cart driving on a roadway in a summer village just outside of Boyle, and – as golf carts are not legally allowed to be operated on roadways – went to pull the driver over. “The member pulled the golf cart over, and right away detected the odor of alcohol on the driver’s breath,” said Spaans. “It also happened that the passenger was consuming open alcohol while they were driving down the road.”

Police officer caught napping in viral video

CHICAGO, May 20 (UPI) -- Chicago police said an officer apparently sleeping on the job in a video that went viral on Facebook may face disciplinary action. The video, posted to Facebook May 15 by Julian Collins, shows a uniformed Chicago Police Department officer apparently asleep in a marked police sport-utility vehicle in the city's Southwest Side Marquette Park neighborhood. Collins explains in the video that there have been a number of violent incidents in the area recently. "I had to get my point across," Collins says in explaining why he approached and filmed the officer. The video was shared more than 25,000 times on Facebook before being taken down for unclear reasons. The Chicago Police Department, which did not identify the officer, said the matter is under investigation.

Man posts 'wife wanted' ad on pickup

Fearing this might be his "last decade," a 64-year-old Texan is keen on settling down but he's decided to look for a wife in an unorthodox way. J.C. Baughman's plea - "Wife wanted. Let's talk." - along with his phone number, is scrawled in chalk on the back of his pick-up truck. The retired schoolbus driver, who's been divorced twice and lives in the country with chickens, goats and a pet hog, has been posting marriage invites on his truck for three years, according to TV station WTSP. He says he's received about 10 serious inquiries over the years, adding that "there has been a couple of them we had good conversations, but just didn't pan out. A lot of people that call are drunk, or doing a prank." Baughman isn't phased by anyone who's making fun of him. "I don't care if you're laughing at me, or with me, you are better off then you were before ya' saw my tailgate," said Baughman.


Men who have an orgasm a day are lowering their risk of developing prostate cancer.

 Image result for Men who have an orgasm a day are lowering their risk of developing prostate cancer.

A study has revealed that those men who ejaculate more often during their lifetime have a 22% lower risk of getting the disease. The study doesn't give any reasons why the practice of ejaculation may help to stave off prostate cancer, but there are theories which have been made public previously. It has been thought that ejaculation can rid the prostate of cancer-causing chemicals, while there are also theories that if sperm is 'cleaned out' in this manner it can stop a build-up of old cells that could turn cancerous. The largest research to date on ejaculation followed almost 32,000 men in good health for 18 years.Of the number, 3,839 later developed prostate cancer - but the figures showed that in the 40-49 bracket, men who ejaculated more than 21 times a month had a 22% lower risk of developing the disease. Results were adjusted to take in other possibly contributing factors such as diet and lifestyle. The prostate is a small gland found only in men. It’s about the size of a walnut and gets a little bigger with age. It surrounds the first part of the tube - or urethra - that carries urine from the bladder along the penis.The men questioned shared their monthly ejaculation details between the ages of 20 and 29, 40 and 49 and in 1991, the year before the study started. Dr Jennifer Rider of Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, told the Daily Mail the results should be interpreted with caution. She said: "While these data are the most compelling to date on the potential benefit of ejaculation on prostate cancer development, they are observational data and should be interpreted somewhat cautiously."At the same time, given the lack of modifiable risk factors for prostate cancer, the results of this study are particularly encouraging."

Man 'sneaks into women's loos to eat FAECES

News report has emerged from China that claims a man regularly sneaks into women’s loos to eat FAECES. The report said the Guangdong man was caught emerging from the toilet after indulging in his mind-bogglingly disgusting - a legitimate news source - suggests he has done it for eight years. A translation of the broadcast said: "A man has been spotted on multiple occasions entering a ladies' restroom at a shopping centre in the Pengjiang district of Jiangmen city, Guangdong province, and eating excrement found in the toilet. "According to a security guard at the shopping plaza, the man has been spotted visiting the toilets since early this year. He goes to the second floor ladies' room to find faeces to eat. He usually comes between 8am to 10am during the first half of the day, and then comes again at around 3pm," the guard said. He added that the man walks in on women before they're able to finish flushing the toilet.” The news source claims a local female resident told Guangdong TV that reports of the man wandering into the public restrooms have left her feeling incredibly uneasy, especially because he's been seen lurking in another female toilet nearby. A doctor from the No. 3 Hospital of Jiangmen city told reporters that it's very possible that he has a history of mental illness.